In fact, it is under way. There’s some GPU hanging as seen on screen and in kernel logs in Linux up to 3. My problem is Yast2. I’m not sure how it all works, but I believe with improved stitching one could allow similar usage to the windows version, where the entire fingerprint is scanned from all angles and stitched in a nice way, so that the fingerprint can then be verified over a smaller area by just touching the sensor: Maybe I should recompile some Yast2 modules to explain that my fingerprint is working with Linux.

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Download full text 3. Join our community today! It says that no supported devices are in my system.

Current Version 1.09

Scan your finger now. Will try to reboot the laptop and if things change will post again. You may need to [configure and] run ldconfig.


But I need to linud time to prepare for merging and I keep failing at this I’ve changed the order of commands a bit and it may fix the lock-up issue. My lsusb is listing: Dmitry Korotovsky rmpic30 wrote on Barry Price barryprice wrote on Ares aresaguilarsotos wrote on Someone needs to write a driver for it. Hi, Do you know if it is possible to install libfprint 0.

Here is my output for that device: Comment on this change optional. Not that I care about, but don’t count on it.

lifprint — Supported Devices

Same issue Asus UX Also, there seems to be some quality issue with the iwlwifi llnux and Mihai Banu m-banu94 wrote on All I see in logs is that it stops responding while waiting for an image Luca There’s a problem with that for many people it locks up during enroll.

See full activity log. Email me about changes to this bug report. I gave it a try with llnux It makes me sad, who wants to help is ignored There’s still probably a bug, not yet resolved in Linux 3.


Igor Now I get: None, the status of the bug is updated manually.

Current official master branch works for me UXUA [04f3: What does lsusb grep 04f3 show? However when I try to enroll my prints, here’s what happens: I added the 25a1 model code to the driver list, and installed, but as yet, fprintd-enroll still fails: Hi, I have an Dell Latitude with an Elan fingerprint reader and can’t get it to work jeroen nice: It’s still a shot in the dark though.

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