Setting it up was not without its challenges. That got the card working, but then I had the issues with the gameport. Anyone have any suggestions? After install you are supposed to set up and configure the sound card and graphics. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

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Still no joystick, but at least the keyboard worked in DOS. Now whether or not the joystick and sound is working in DOS can only be answered once I find one of my DOS games and load it onto the computer. I have one of these, too. I moved it to slot 4 and loaded the reference drivers from Aureal. I had such a great experience with this board in fact that I have kept it until today even though I don’t technically need it. Instead I got a loud, droning noise. Here are the specs on this “new” For both of those, however, it wsus “Not Connected”.

I just can’t get the gameport to recognize the joystick.

Is this not the way I should be doing it? Phil, I did start watching your instructional video, but haven’t gotten all the way through it yet. It was a popular combo back in the day apparently. After all this was done, I was able to get the game to run.


When I look up the sound card info under system in the control panel, there are no conflicts shown. Disable printer and serial ports in the BIOS to free up resources.

ASUS TUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel (TUSL2-C/PA) Motherboard

Again, thanks for your help! Without a gameport that is able to recognize a device in Windows to start off with, the computer is pointless.

I tried adding it both as a “2 axis 2 button” controller and a “Thrustmaster Flight Control System” controller.

I remember having to move cards from one PCI slot to another to get the IRQs to work out right, but once I did it was trouble free audio for hours and hours, whenever I wanted it. Davros, I actually did find that site when I was researching the CD and mouse issues, but I found this Microsoft knowledge base article which was a little more straightforward to help tuzl2-c with getting the CD drive working Well, I spent the next two days trying to figure out which lines to use and in which file they go.

The install was fairly easy.

Users browsing this forum: Select all LH C: I moved the sound card to slot 3, and low and behold, the gameport is now working and I have my keyboard in DOS. It works in Windows and it does work in a DOS window. spund


User reviews: Asus TUSL2-C – Audiofanzine

I went ahead and let Windows load, then rebooted into DOS mode. Bought it on ebay and it came with a Diamond Monster sound, as well.

It probably isn’t a sonud DOS game, as it also has the ability of being run in Windows 95, but it has the option and is recommended to be installed and run in DOS. It would seem as though there is a configuration issue with the MX card. When I tried loading the drivers, it wasn’t loading the gameport or the sound blaster emulation drivers. Maxtor 40gb rpm Video: No issue with the graphics, and the sound card was auto detected at least the parameters were, portinterrupt 5, DMA 1, using sound blaster emulation.

So I next moved it to slot 6. When I went to test the sound though, I was supposed to hear “Hondo” say something.

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