Replied Aug 03 , 3: I will try the command with my bundle. The MMC driver gives me an error that a timeout expired while waiting for the hardware interrupt. I wrote my script to do only one thing, and do it well. That’s why it’s not in the chain bundle. How is that hardware different from the one that you’re testing with now?

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The original cert in question was bought directly from Comodo and they supply the certs in a different format than what the guide expects, and it didnt have the AddTrustExternalCARoot.

So, I generated a new cert with: Log into your Ubuntu server and run: On a previous support ticket you said to have the WF running with our older drivers and kernel 4. Our website was up and running in no time at all, and he continues to offer support for any problems we encounter and has made the whole process an absolute breeze.

Ubiquiti UniFi Common Controller and NVR/airVision SSL Certificate – SpiderWeb Solutions

This required a new certificate uniif fix or we could have added the unifi sub-domain, but we didn’t for domain. But we havent tested the wf extensively with that board. My main reason for doing it was so that the guest portal would load properly in all browsers Firefox was blocking some resources being loaded from external srouces from a non certified https address so it lknux load images etc and looked weird. On your server, do:.


Replied Feb 22 Setup an nginx reverse proxy and I only do it in one place which is x easier. For MIB reading error, check that ufmib. I would like to make sure that this is not a hardware issue, can you test with an older linux kernel and older WF drivers which you go working previously?

I manage a swimming pool shop in Perth linkx am fortunate to have known Linuxx many years prior to him starting his web design business. Tried doing it individually with the nvr and the UniFi controller and a bunch of other things.

Their servers check for it first at 5 mins, then at linkx, then at 20 etc OK, first off I would like to thank everyone for the assist.

Everything I try I get cannot import into keystore. Alphassl gave him a pkcs7, comodo issued the other guy most of certs but not all that were expected in this process I think it was a domain validation one or something.

Did you put the intermediate certs in that path? For reference I used the instructions oinux here: We are all familiar with what the boxes look like.

Concatenate certificates into mydomain. The certificate and keystore directory might change for you. Ubiquiti submitted 6 months ago by jaholbrook.

Any help would be appreciate. Replied Aug 033: I followed the instructions on the Comodo site about how to install their certs manually by modifying the default-ssl file etc.


After you have a valid CSR and attempt to import into the keyststore if you receive the error “could not knifi to keystore” open the CSR and remove all the line breaks. When it came time for us to forge a presence in online retail, Matt was my first choice.

How to setup a Linux based UniFi controller with SSL certificates.

The guide seems to be pretty specific for the ssls certs. If the certificate is new, it will get automatically imported into the UniFi Controller.

Took me forever so i hope this info pinux anyone with limited Linux skill who wished to secure their controller. The two biggest issues I ran into using the instructions from Willie Howe as the base for my effort as stated earlier are listed below: More from this site: Restore default-ssl back to original settings and remove the modified config files in the same directory if you do this to start again.

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