Fri Jan 04, 4: After that it was just a matter of screwing the board to the case mounts and installing memory modules just the one in this case and my add-in cards graphics, audio, SCSI controller, NIC. It’s placed here, next to the power regulator chips, to supposedly fix the low 5V rail problems that afflicted some revision 1. We shouldn’t see much variance despite the apparent increase in system performance. As long as you can get your own C4, lol. So Haltech, are you really Bob Page?

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Overclocking the Iwill XPR – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

However, the absolute biggest issue with this board is the fact that Iwill calls this a DDR capable board. The CPU speed increase to MHz should give us a handy increase but the low memory performance will pull the score back. Fri Jan 04, 4: The CPU socket has plenty of room around it and I had no trouble installing the heatsink used for testing, the Swiftech MCX I bought it as the Socket version for Pentium 4 motherboards but it’s perfectly usable in Socket mode without the Socket mounting brackets.

As far as running the benchmarks on the board went and overclocking it, everything was fine bar one thing. Haltech Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: The board is deisgned to run atnot be overclocked to The box comes with a CD shaped cutout in which you can see the installation CD and opening the box shows you the opaque plastic clamshell that holds the board and the extras.


Iwill and Acer Labs Inc.

Originally posted by angrysand: Boy, that is confusing It would have been even better had the memory performance been at a decent level. On the rev 2. Like 3DMark, Serious Sam 2 is a nice full system test with some demos enjoying CPU clock, memory bandwidth or raw graphics performance. I installed the CPU and heatsink outside of the case since the sink uses mounting bolts on the motherboard.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

Some are colder then others. It’s a good overclocker, and I gather that it’s pretty stable, since we haven’t seen much in the way of problem reports on USENET and web-based forums. Upon receiving and testing the board we were very impressed by what the board offers us.

OTOH if I don’t get a rev 2. Perhaps pre-analysis information preprocessing gathered on-site from e. Sun Dec 30, 1: This is the ideal placement for them as far as this reviewer is concerned so marks to IWill for that.


Iwill XPR & DDR Update (Page 1/5) :: Articles :: ®

The results of 53 and 42 seconds are exactly what we were expecting and shows that the CPU runs unhindered on the board. The demo take a fair amount of time and is also very pretty to look at while you run it. Log in Don’t have an account?

A nice touch and something we are beginning to see on more and more boards. Besides, i rarely reboot. Anything over without doing anything to the system indicates good performance. The CPU cp333-r can only haul the performance up so much before the low memory performance drags it back down. Thu Jan 03, 6: One see’s the F s and the other sees F’s.

The Second Encounter Demo to the benchmarking mix. The power filters are all neatly lined up in rows by the ATX power connect and the northbridge has a very snazzy active heatsink on it!

The layout was fine with no niggles and the presentation was above average. Sun Dec 30, 2:

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