I use my mouse for a lot of programs to games like C. If you got a “jumpy” mouse logitech will indeed change it , you just pick the wrong store. I also agree with the poster who discussed the driver issues. Perhaps finding the original drivers will help. First of all it’s normal to have a certain percentage of mice that are defective in a product line so it’s possible to have a dud. Its starting to drive me nuts. I have to admit that I have a EMI source I think needs moving sub woofer , and perhaps this is why the curser becomes ‘swimmy’ and sometimes does not respond at all.

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Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse USB – M-rag97 | eBay

That fixed the problem by moving the Bluetooth adapter away from other items such as speakers and the PC itself. I use my mouse for a lot of programs to games like C. Unfortunately Logitech didn’t lasdr very much work into their drivers. The biggest problem is that motion sensor is too effective.

About two years ago Logitech launched the amazing MX mouse. I have had mine for about two or three months now and have NEVER had any sort of problem described by others. Left click is intermittent, always ‘clicks’ but doesn’t register as a key press 6.


I’m off now to test how well this mouse bounces. I have vowed never to buy logitech products again. Mkuse not be buying any more Logitech products. When my laptop comes out of standby mode the mouse and keyboard are not detected.

This was too much for me. I even have been accused of hacking because when my mouse goes nuts, people who are observing me see it jump around wildly now and then. Mouuse a side point There are currently people online.

So it was a good run while it lasted, but I would expect it’s laserr life to be longer. This will ensure that these complaints climb up the google totem pole and start showing up when other potential consumers google for logitechs products.

I purchased my MX a few days ago, it has the following issues, all are mouze and persistent according to this forum and many others online: Must be one of mx100 drawbacks of a dark vision.

Throughout this ordeal I have called Logitec Support on several occations, faxed them a written report which they deny receiving and still have not received a satisfactory solution. The pattern appearing on the sensor reveals details on any surface, even glossy surfaces that would look totally uniform when exposed to the LED incoherent illumination.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse Specs – CNET

Monotonic surfaces were used for consistency in results. I suspect that an upgrade of the drivers is the reason why the mouse now behaves erratically. In other words the mouse is dead! M1x000 Racing Champion gaming chair. I never had any problems with it, apart from some teething problems, but I have those sort of problems with everything technological, cos I have bad luck.


Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac

Perhaps finding the original drivers will help. This mouse is terrible. The last few weeks I’ve had the same problem as you. For the first few months I gotta say it was brilliant, smooth, responsive and extremely ergonomic, which is something I really appreciate in a mouse. On the whole i highly recommend this one as a top gamers mouse.

I was unable to use any of my mouse’s buttons other then the two main ones. Some of the other problems people have reported on this site i have not come accross yet like floaty movements and wearing stickers. The MX is still king for the moment. My problem is that it has started to lose it’s connection to the base station on a regular basis. Zowie P-TF Rough mousepad. Lets take a look at how this technology works:

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