You will see the purple progress bar but for only a very brief moment. Can I use this to flash my device or will I brick it? On 64 bit operating systems you might need to confirm the unsigned driver installation and you might also do some settings in order to to allow your 64 bit operating system to use unsigned drivers like the ones provided on this page. December 3, at 2: Published on June 23, After finishing in EasyBCD reboot and when you come to the Windows boot menu press F8 anyway and choose allow use of unsigned drivers.

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I used this cable for Mass Storage. I figured that, the connection problem I have described previously is the main cause of this mess.

To get the right idea you might want to read below:. And the “Device Disconnect Sound” is played. February 2, at 9: I mmtk6589 trying ussb upgrade my Canvas HD 20 Android 4. June 2, at 5: You may need to log in allowing unsigned drivers as mentioned in other tutorials. September 24, at November 8, at 2: Mtk6598 only I could get it to detect for more that 2 freaking seconds I would try with the backup I made before modifying the thing!


Now it won’t boot. I am following instructions to a T and still I get the driver dropout issue. April 29, at You press download then you put the battery back in your phone with the USB connected to the phone. You must have the phone disconnected when you click on the download button inside SPFlashTool. To do this you can use EasyBCD, go into advanced settings for the Windows 7 bootmenu entry and allow the use of unsigned drivers and put a wait usg say 10seconds on the menu count down in stock form Windows has assigned 30 seconds but standard it bypasses the boot menu – this makes it harder to press the F8 key during boot up.

Monitor if power-drop occured in target side.

[Q] Why the MTK 6589 USB Vcom port disapear after 2 second?

Open Windows device manager a quick way is type devmgmt. It doesn’t remove drivers. I know when I plug in my Galaxy S3 it loads at least 5 different drivers! September 7, at 3: Target might be shutdown unexpectedly or target hsb power supply.

Mediatek Usb Vcom Driver For Mtk – free download suggestions

Now with steps above and read it carefully, I was able to bring it again to life. What isn’t really mentioned on any tutorials is that the MTK is different to how you flash other mediatek devices with SPFlashTool; why?


You don’t need to do all the bullsh! And, I had no problem with this cable while sharing files with my pc. When it does, disconnect the cable from the USB port. Keep the device off and have the battery in. How to do the settings?

May 7, at 4: November 26, at The device is not actually meant to stay connected. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. Please if anyone can help me with drivers that work I would very very very much appreciate People seem to pretend that this issue doesn’t exist or that users are doing things incorrect Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

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